Daily prompt word – SCENT

To me, home can be expressed through a combination of different fragrances. One of the main factors that makes a ‘house‘ a ‘home‘ are the soothing and familiar fragrances of the place.

The faint smell of my mother’s favorite perfume, the stinking smell of soiled socks in my brother’s room, the ever so prominent smell of the strong mint my father pops into his mouth every now and then to cool his nerves, the lingering smell of something being cooked in the kitchen, the fresh smell of the newly bloomed flowers from the garden, the spicy smell of the redwood candles silently burning on the dining table, the damp smell of clothes and strong smell of washing detergent from the laundry room, the fishy smell of the aquarium in the living room, the earthy smell from the small patch of dirt just before the garden after a light rain, the strange smell of paint from my sister, the artist’s, room, the soggy smell from the little pond in the garden after having being forgotten to be cleaned, the subtle smell of my sister’s favorite strawberry shampoo from the common bathroom we share, the delightful room freshener that my mother prefers to spray all around the house and the distinctively unmistakable stench of our pet dog.

All these scents are not just fragrances, but actual feelings to me. Each time I smell something similar to them it reminds me of home and all of my dear ones. Home is not a place, but a feeling. The feeling of belonging.

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I’d love to know the different fragrances that remind you of, or make you feel home!

– Just Another Magical Soul


One thought on “Home

  1. Completemadnessmadnessmakemehuman says:

    I completely agree … Home is a feeling, the place where one feels that they can be themselves. I look forward to reading your future posts!


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