What I Wish For Every Child

Okay. So just the other day, I got a notification on my phone for the millionth time reading: “Your memory is full. Some functions may not work properly.” Well, this was no surprise. I mean, I’d just been on a trip with my friend and the number of pictures we’d clicked was unimaginable (insane as well)! So here i am, going through my cell’s gallery, trying to find some pictures I didn’t need. While I was going through the innumerable hilarious screenshots (Yeah, yeah. I know. Why not delete those old screenshots? But I mean, those screenshots are worth more than gold you know? They could ruin lives! What makes you think I’m gonna get rid of those!?), I suddenly came across a picture I’d clicked around a month ago.

The picture had a short poem that I’d written. I’d gone to this UNICEF literary meet and all the participants there had an option to write a ‘short tale’. The topic was – WHAT I WISH FOR EVERY CHILD.  It had to be of approximately 7 – 10 lines. We could write a poem, an essay, a story – it depended on us. I chose to write a poem. x. The poem isn’t really a great one, but I guess I’d like to post it. I don’t usually write poems (poetry really isn’t my thing), but since this was one of the few I’ve ever written, I really seem to treasure it. So well, here goes nothing!


To wake up to a kind face

To have a healthy breakfast

To learn and have fun at school

Not having to pretend to be too cool

To have a safe walk back home

Not having to be afraid of being alone

To be allowed to play, carefree

Not forced to have fun secretly

And to be tucked in bed by loving hands

Is what I wish for every child to have.

To many, this piece might seem very kiddish or unprofessional, but I’m fine with that. As I said before, I don’t write on a daily basis. Honestly, I hardly write poetry at all! To me, it just felt that the above words are the most simple words in the dictionary. There are no complicated words or phrases at all. Yet, words such as “kind”, “healthy”, “school”, “safe”, “home”, “bed” and “loving” should be familiar to all children across the world. As a teenager living in India, I know just how important and meaningful these words are. We are quite fortunate to not have to think about these words twice. We know these words like the back of our hand, but some, or rather many, out there do not even know that the meaning to these words even exist. I see young children on the streets almost every day, but there is nothing that I can do. Going to that literary meet made me realize that everybody can do something or the other to help people. I realized that I could help those children. By writing. By spreading the message. By letting others know that yes, underprivileged children do deserve a normal lifestyle and that they can help them. I think that going to that literary meet has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s been life-changing for me and I’ve been trying to write more pieces ever since.


You can write too! Every short story or poem you write contributes in one way or another! Just search tiny tales on Google and you’ll see a site of UNICEF. Help all the children across the globe and make the world a better place to live in!

– Just Another Magical Soul


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