Being The Center

Daily prompt word – CENTER 

Who doesn’t like being the center of attraction? The feeling of everyone huddling around you and giving you importance is one that I’m pretty sure almost everyone enjoys (that is if you aren’t extremely shy or something). We all get so caught up in our fast and ever-so-busy lives, that we constantly have FOMO ( The Fear Of Missing Out ). We never want to be left behind. We want to attend each and every party, each and every wedding, each and every pot luck and each and every friends’ night out. Most of the time, our priorities get in the way and we groan about how unlucky we are cuz we’re missing out on all the fun.

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Image result for sun revolves around the earth

Let’s go wayyyy back in time. Imagine, even the people THEN (in ancient history) wanted the entire world to rotate around them! LITERALLY. I mean, didn’t they believe that the earth was the center of the universe or something and that the sun rotated around it? There you go! Another example of how people want to be “in the center”.

There are innumerable examples. Who wants the spot right in the center in a dance routine? Everyone, that’s who. Which friend wants to sit in the middle of her two friends? All three, that’s who. The list goes on and on. For us human beings, we want every one to notice us and never felt left behind. Why? Because if no one notices us, we feel alone and feeling alone makes us sad. No one wants to feel all sad and depressed now do they?

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I guess this is the main reason why friends and family are so close to us. They give us the attention that we crave. They are always by our side, ready to listen to every stupid fight we have, every little incident that we are a part of, but never ever get tired of our ranting. Having true companions means that not only do they mean the world to you, but so do you them. You will never only just be a ‘part’ of each other lives, you’ll always be the CENTER.

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– Just Another Magical Soul

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