600th Floor Please

DISCLAIMER : Unless you’re a PERCY JACKSON fangirl like me, I’m sorry but you’ll have no idea what I’m saying and will probably think I’ve lost all my marbles so…yeah!

Okay, so… Can I just start by saying that Rick Riordan is a GOD? I mean, I worship that man. No, I won’t deny the fact that I’ve wanted to strangle him every now and then (his cliffhangers are honestly TORTURE!) but I’m pretty sure a world without Rick Riordan is a world in which I wouldn’t want to live in at all. The first time I ever held ‘The Lightening Thief’ in my hands was when I was eight years old and in the third grade. Since then, I don’t think that the book has ever left my side.

Honestly, I think that I’ve read the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series one too many times. But can I stop? Absolutely not! The books have a calming effect over me. Each time I read the series, there is ALWAYS something new that I discover that I might’ve missed out the last time I read the book. After having read the series, I no longer looked at the world in the same way. Everything had changed. Amazon.com no longer remains just another online shopping site and the Empire State Building no longer remains just a famous building part of the New York City’s  skyline.

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Rick Riordan has changed the dreary and boring world in which I live into one in which there are flying horses and friendly satyrs. Each book of his shows that even though there may be deadlines and monsters an even ‘GODS’ against you, there is always a way to win. Rick has made the entire series a spectacular journey of a group of young teenagers trying to find their place in the world and figure out what THEY stand for.

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Because of the PJO series, I feel as if I’ve found a new family all together. People with the exact same likes and dislikes and people with the same taste in books and music. It’s like a family that “I” chose. It just seems as if they understand me better. The second I see someone holding a Percy Jackson or even just talking about Percy Jackson, I instantly like them. I know it’s weird, but it’s like we’ve got this connection right from the beginning. The PJO series and really changed my entire life. I’ve made amazing new friends and now have a completely different perspective of life.

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One thing I’ll always have on my bucket list (which I can hopefully complete) is to go to the Empire State Building one day, wearing an orange T-shirt and a bead necklace around my neck, walk up to the man behind the front desk and whisper in his ear…

“600th floor, please.”

If you haven’t read the Percy Jackson series yet, I think you should. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me…HONESTLY. And if you’ve never even HEARD of the series, I’m sorry, but YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK!!!

– Just Another Magical Soul


4 thoughts on “600th Floor Please

  1. Crazinessssssdoesnotaskpermission says:

    Ok !?!? It’s time I have a Percy Jackson/Rick Riordon trivia I am myself a crazy fan of him he is like the greatest writer in the world bro i never thought I’d ever like Greek mythology but this guy he just changed everything his books are golden … they teach , they inspire , they give the reader calmness … when I finished the series I cried cause it was over and hey I have every single book written by him ever the full collection I could show it to u sometime

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theunshackledthoughtsofadreamer says:

    600th floor, please. Such a perfect title. It sums up pretty much everything! And yes, I want to do that someday. Desperately. (I may or may not mutter 600th floor, please when I step into normal elevators) Ahhh. Maybe it’s time for me to revisit the PJO world. xD


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