My First Day In Tenth Grade

Daily prompt word – NERVOUS

Living in India, Class 10 is a pretty big deal for everyone (this honestly includes not only the poor student, but also the student’s parents, their grandparents, their parents’ friends, their grandparents’ friends, their family doctor as well as the neighbors…). It’s like, 10th grade  “defines” your entire future. The one and only goal in this very special grade is to do exceptionally well in the ever-so-frightening BOARD examinations. If you do well, all the doors to each and every job or profession ‘magically’ opens up. The most frequently asked question in India, I’m sure, is asking a teenager, “How much did you score in 10, beta?” To a student, this is the most irritating question of them all (believe me).tumblr_lctso9gses1qbpwzeo1_500_large.jpegSo today was the first day in Class X for me. I walked out of my house in the morning feeling a bit light-headed and dizzy. Today was the day that EVERYTHINGwas going to change. I was no longer considered a ‘kid’ and now had to put in extra effort to excel. The entire way to school, I was nervous. What would be the tremendous change or leap from 9th grade to 10th grade that everyone was always talking about? I realized that I would figure the answer to my answer question soon enough.


As I  entered school, I felt calmness sweep over me. This was MY school. I’d been here almost every single day and nothing could change the fact that I’d literally grown up here. I walked into class and saw the same familiar places that I’d seen last year. I could tell from their expressions that I wasn’t the only the feeling nervous, jittery and out-of-place.

The bell rang and before I knew it, the day had begun. I walked from one class to another with my friends and the day slowly passed. I found myself wondering what exactly I’d been scared of. The teachers hadn’t changed, the faces around me hadn’t either and the school DEFINITELY hadn’t. Yes, all the teachers did give us all the “You have to pay more attention this year because it is your BOARD YEAR” lecture, but other than that, it was all the same old stuff.


Of course I feel the pressure. I mean, I know I’ve gotta do a lot of stuff this year, but somehow I no longer believe that surviving through 10th grade is next to impossible. Yes, it might be hard, yes it WILL be challenging, but no, neither will I give up, nor will I weep at home because some weird project of mine was lost. I will give my 100% and be happy with what I score, knowing that I couldn’t have done any better in ANY possible way.

Just the FIRST DAY of tenth grade has taught me soooo freaking much! I wonder what the year ahead holds for me…Don’t you?!

– Just Another Magical Soul ❤


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