It just so happens that my family travels quite often – like a ten to fifteen day trip every few months is honestly a very normal thing for us. It’s needless to say that all four of us enjoy ourselves to a great extent on these vacations. My dad, being the travel freak that he is, plans the BEST vacations ever…LITERALLY.

  My dad has, apparently, passed on much of his travel-madness to me. Yes, I completely LOVE going on holidays with him, but I always seem to regret something at the end of each and every trip – something that I could’ve done, but because of my fear, I didn’t. I usually end up wanting to go back in time so that I can tell myself to just forget everything for a second and to just go for it.

  My younger brother, on the other hand, is more of a spur-in-the-moment kinda guy. To be honest, this kinda hurts my ego sometimes. I mean, hearing my parents go on and on about what he did the other day does get dry most of the time. So, I decided to change.

  See, we went on a 16 day trip this May. We kinda tried to cover some parts of the Scandinavian countries. We went to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Living in India, the temperature change was DRASTIC…like from 36 degrees straight to 6 degrees! (Yep, it’s THAT hot in India right now!) So, at the airport, I thought to myself, “ I wanna make this trip different than the others – I don’t wanna have any regrets on this vacation. I’m going to make this trip way more memorable than the others.” And that’s when I made a promise to myself – on this trip, I would not back out of anything that I thought was scary – I would JUST DO IT! (It must seem like I’m promoting NIKE or something here! XD)

  The day we reached Copenhagen in Denmark, we were all dead tired. So, we decided to take that day off and settle into our hotel rooms. Okay, I don’t know how to explain this, but our hotel was BANG on the bank of some lake or river (I’m not exactly sure what it was) and there was this ramp or walkway kinda thing which was on top of this ‘water body’. This walkway was attached to our hotel. So as we looked outta the window, we saw a couple kids in their swim suits, just jump into this river/lake. For a second, we couldn’t believe what had just happened. Let me remind you, this water was like FREEZING COLD…approximately like 12 degrees!

  Naturally, my brother wanted to jump too (I’m rolling my eyes while saying this sentence). At first, I refused to even think about the possibility of me jumping as well, but then I thought, “Why not?!” Also, I’d made a promise that I had to keep. So, like the daredevil I am, I changed into my suit even though it was like 14 degrees outside and made my way to the ramp. I let (okay…MADE) my brother jump in first. The look of absolute horror on his face as he hit the cold water would have been enough to send me running back to the hotel room had my dad not been holding me hostage in his arms. My brother thrashed his arms, somehow resurfaced, and made his way over to us. It was now my turn.

  Here’s what I thought, “This idiot can do it, so guess what?…So can I”, and so into the water I jumped. To say that the water was ‘very cold’ would totally be an understatement. I felt myself slowly sinking and then remembered to kick my legs. My entire body was thrumming from the adrenaline rush. Any guesses what my next thought was? Well this is what it was : “I wanna do this AGAIN!!!”

  And again I went! Not once, not twice, but until my mom had to drag me away. As we were getting ready to head back, I heard a loud splash and a series of loud hoots. I don’t know what made me, but I walked a little further down the ramp and rounded a corner. That’s when I realized that all the jumping that I had just done was a piece of cake. What I was now looking at was the real deal. In front of me, was a thick wooden ledge, about 40 feet above the water level, off of which boys of around my age were jumping off.

  I sooooo wanted to jump off of it too, but the feeling in the pit of my stomach stopped me. My dad saw what I was looking at and smiled knowingly at me. All he said was, “You don’t want this to be another thing you regret not doing.” That was all the motivation I needed. I climbed the steps and made my way to the beginning of the line. This jump was what would make this vacation different from the others.

  The fact that I was the only girl getting ready to jump, made me feel a bit queasy at first, but I quickly shoved that thought outta my mind. As I took my stance, I remember hearing a few approving hoots from the boys behind me. I spotted my dad just a little further from me and he gave me a smile. Forgetting the growing pit in my stomach, I looked at the water below and just…jumped.

– Just Another Magical Soul


3 thoughts on “Just…Jump

  1. Ur friend says:

    Wow!!!! That’s brave and courageous … and hey it’s always good to do whatever u feel like … so yeah follow ur heart it’s all in there !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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