9th June, 2017

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9th June, 2017 – a date that I shall remember forever. 

My grandfather is a doctor. He is a general physician and has been practicing medicine for over 40 years now. He is a well know doctor not only all over the city, but in the entire country as well for his hard work and commitment. He has been elected the President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) of North Western India. Unfortunately, none of these titles or noble deeds could protect him. 

Over the years, my grandfather had grown attached to all of his patients . He became the family doctor of many families across the city. Such was this family. He had treated the members of this family for the past 40 years. This family never did so great financially, so my grandfather always treated the members for free as an act of kindness.  

On 8th June, 2017,  a young member of this family was admitted into the hospital against my grandfather’s wishes. He has many diseases like pneumonia, diabetes and his organs were slowly failing. There was no chance of survival for him (and my grandfather had already warned him). After being admitted, the man died at 7 AM in the morning the next day. My grandfather did not need to go to the hospital, but as an act of kindness and respect for his patient and his family, he decided to go and settle matters.

He had just gone under surgery for his second bypass a month ago, and so was not allowed to go to hospitals alone.  He took my father and my uncle along with him for support. As they reached the hospital, it could be seen that things had gotten way out of hand. The family members of the dead patient started accusing the hospital and my grandfather for neglecting the patient which resulted in his death. My father tried to reason with them, but they were furious. They soon became violent. 

Two men pushed my father against the wall, while a third tried to throw a brick at my grandfather. My uncle tried to stop him and was hit in the process. Two more men came to hold him down well the third man advanced towards my grandfather with a brick in his hand. My grandfather was behind a glass door, finishing up some formalities. The man hurled the brick at the at my grandfather. The brick made a hole in the glass door and struck my grandfather’s head. Immediately blood started trickling down from the wound. By then, my uncle and father had broken out of the men’s holds and rushed to their father. My grandfather was immediately taken to another hospital in an ambulance. 

We consider ourselves lucky. He received only 11 stitches. Had the brick hit his tender chest, we would have lost him. A police report has been filed by my father and some actions have been taken. This incident has left my grandfather heartbroken. Never in a million years had he thought something like this would ever happen. He had been held responsible for the death of a life he had tried so hard to save. His life had been endangered by doing the noble thing and trying to save another life. 

I do not know what I want to become when I grow up – there are a lot of professions on my mind. But I will always remember the date : 9th June, 2017 – the day I no longer wanted to become a doctor.

– Just Another Magical Soul


5 thoughts on “9th June, 2017

  1. anstalmi says:

    So poignantly written. If there is a part of you that wants to be a doctor, don’t let this incident remove that choice from your life. There are many others who would appreciate your grandfather and you if that is what you should chose to do with your life.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It is very very fortunate that ur grandfather is fine…I’m happy for that… but hey u should not leave hope to be a doctor because of this … ik ur grandfather went through trauma for this but life is all abt moving on if u want to become a doctor be a doctor it’s ur choice don’t be scared cause in this world u will face problems and u have to get over them !!!


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