The Last Song

My family has always been very close to my aunt and uncle – they lived with us in the states, and moved to India when we did as well. My dad’s elder than my uncle and so my uncle got married wayyy later. I was four years old when my aunt started living with us. So, it’s like I pretty much grew up with her.

So, every week, it’s like a tradition – my parents take all the kids out for ice cream during the weekend and sometimes, my aunt and uncle take us out for dinner as well. We live pretty close by (in the same community) so my cousins usually stay over for the weekend (they’re like eight and six years old so they hardly have any school work to do).

This Saturday, both my dad and uncle had a meeting to attend.  They had to back out of our plan to go for dinner and then get ice cream. Obviously, all four of us kids threw a tantrum – this wasn’t fair!  At last, my mom and my aunt succumbed to our pleas and agreed to take us out – just for ice cream though. We were happy enough.

In less than a minute, we were all on our way to our favourite ice cream joint. I’m pretty sure we made our presence known to everyone there – the way we fought over ice scream and hollered at each other’s words turned quite a few heads (I’m surprise the manager didn’t kick us out himself!).

When we’d had enough ice cream to feed an entire town, we slowly made our way back to the car. No sooner had we all sat in the car, than my younger sister leaned over and switched on the radio. It was past nine and the top hits of the week are playing. We rolled down the windows, turned up the volume and started on our way back home. The entire way we sang like crazy people at the top of our voices. As we neared our house, my sister’s favorite song came on. She whined and said ,” Why does my favorite song always play when we’re ABOUT to reach home?!”

At exactly that moment, my aunt (she was the one behind the wheel) drove past our house. We all looked at her, puzzled. She simply smiled and said, “What? I love this song too!” We all burst into laughter. She took a small detour and as the song ended, we rode up our driveway.

It’s the small  incidents like these that make me smile when I’m low. The love that all my family members share never ceases to amaze me. As the days go by, these happy incidence keep on increasing in number and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ll always remember that Saturday night – not because of the ice cream, but because of the last song.

– Just Another Magical Soul


4 thoughts on “The Last Song

  1. Jescole says:

    It’s so important to compile these moments and keep them as a record in our minds for the days we need access to the way that moment made us feel. These are the moments that truly fuel human perseverance and determination, passion and survival. Great post!

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