Love Stinks And Needs To Go In The Laundry

Love stinks and needs to go in the laundry.” These were the words written on a note stuck to the bottom of my worn out favorite sneakers with nothing other than a disgusting piece of chewed up gum. I belched as I tried to pull it off, but briefly grinned as my eyes caught this peculiar string of words.

Ever seen those posts which describe how people leave nice little notes in library books that they like so that the next issuer of that book receives a kind surprise? I’ve always wanted to be a part of that experience, but never have. Yet, this note, to me, was just like one of those notes in the library novels.

I was always surrounded by people who were in love with the idea of love. I mean, absolutely infatuated by it. But me? I never bothered. Movies like ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘The Notebook’, and ‘A Walk To Remember’ were exactly that – movies performed by professional actors.

So you wanna know the truth? People hardly ever find ‘true love’. There are no princes out there to give you a so called ‘true love’s kiss’. If you want to lead a happy and meaningful life, mark my words – thank whoever wrote that note for inspiring this little rant of mine, and never, ever, believe in the concept of love.


– Just Another Magical Soul



5 thoughts on “Love Stinks And Needs To Go In The Laundry

  1. Betweenflowersandscales says:

    People who live their life looking for love rarely find it. True love is a concept made to keep people dreaming. But it’s there, I doubt it was simply made up, I mean the concept of it is romanticized but the feeling exists. If you’re lucky enough to find it and feel it, you would know.

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