The Blind Abyss

Tears silently trickled down my cheek as I blindly groped around in the dark. I brought my hand in front of my face, but saw nothing but a black void. I couldn’t see a thing, engulfed by the darkness surrounding me. I took a few tentative steps forward and tried to recall how I had managed to land myself in this situation, but the last thing that I could remember was a blinding, searing hot pain ripping throughout my entire being. My foot caught on something and I was immediately brought to my knees. I could feel the thick liquid now covering my palms and shins, the piercing pain making me whimper. I was surrounded by a deadening coldness and even my gasp of surprise felt like a warm breeze on my face. I felt drops of perspiration traveling down the side of trembling face, finally getting lost at the nape of my neck. I could hear the crashing of water at a far off distance and could feel the humidity in the air, gradually seeping into my clothes. I collected my strength and managed to stand up once again. My breath, now coming in shallow gasps, seemed to hurt my lungs. Suddenly, I heard the soft creaking of floorboards and the chillness of the air wasn’t the reason why my skin erupted into a bed of goose bumps. I heard the creaking nearing me and each hair on my body seemed to be electrified, now standing up. My mouth, suddenly completely parched, longed for water. As I licked my lips, I could feel the saltiness of the mix of my sweat and tears. A harsh noise almost immediately behind me made me whirl around with my heart hammering in my chest with s speed with I thought was physically impossible. My eyes frantically searched for anything – a single ray of light, even, – but to no avail. Having barely any time to fully understand what was happening and to form a logical response, I felt the floor beneath me give way and felt myself plummeting towards the unknown, into a never-ending and bottomless abyss. The last thing I registered was the final deafening and bloodcurdling scream that seemed to escape my lips, before losing all consciousness.

So, what I think I had in mind while writing this post was that I didn’t want to use any visual imagery. I like including details and often intricate descriptions to my pieces, and realized that visual imagery played a major role in this. This is why I decided to not use any visual imagery in this piece and see if it would turn out to be as vivid as a piece in which visual imagery had been used. Of course, I had to heighten the other imageries like tactile imagery, gustatory imagery and audio imagery, but I feel that they added to the atmosphere and brought some flavor of their own.

Do you think that this post was visual enough? Could you picture yourself in the shoes of the narrator? Is there something that you though I could’ve done better? Lemme know what you think! Thanks for checking out my post…

– Just Another Magical Soul


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