Hey there! Hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound with all this crazy stuff going on.

This month, I thought I’d do something different. Anyone who’s ever met me knows for a fact how much of a die-hard YA bookworm I am. I gobble YA books up like Nutella on a perfectly crisp waffle. Now, that being said, I rarely ever leave this comfort zone of mine because as soon as I finish on book, I’ve already got a list of 20 more waiting for me! However, through the course of last year (thanks to the books I had to read for school) I realized just how complacent and comfortable I’d become. I was no longer able to read books outside the YA genre with as much enthusiasm and even ease might I add. I found myself drifting off and zoning out. And well, that’s bad. So this is what I came up with…

After my final round of mocks (2 rounds thanks to IB before the actual board examinations in May), I decided to pick up a book that’s been on my TBR since forever and I’ve been dying to read. I thought I’d have some extra time and would dabble between revision and this book (I never anticipated I’d get this much time, now that my boards have been cancelled, but oh well).Becoming: Obama, Michelle: 9781524763138: Amazon.com: Books

The book I began reading was ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. When I first started this book, I accepted the fact that I would take longer than usual to complete this book. However, the fact that I’d only reach midway even after starting this book exactly a month ago (1st March), was not something I would have ever thought of. Me? Taking an entire month to read a single book? Nah. However, this is the sad truth. I’m kinda disappointed in myself, if I’m being completely honest. But oh well, it is what it is, right?

Anyway. This realization has seemed to fuel me as of this moment. Now that I know how far I’ve slid off, I intend to brush off the dust and get right back up. I intend to make the month of April an extremely difficult and uncomfortable one. This is what I hope to achieve…

  1. Finish reading ‘Becoming’ as quickly as I can and hopefully end up writing a book review on it. I’m quite enjoying reading this one and see myself growing with Michelle Obama as I turn the pages as well.
  2. Start (and hopefully complete) reading ‘Originals’ by author Adam Grant. I was given this book I think months ago and promised to read it immediately. Guess I broke that promise (I’m sorry?).
  3. And finally, ‘Elon Musk & The Quest For A Fantastic Future’ by Ashlee Vance. I saw this book on my brother’s shelf and the cover immediately caught my attention. I’ve heard my brother go on and on about how amazing this book is so I thought I might as well give it a try myself.

Considering how I have absolutely nothing to do all day and have all the time to read (no meeting friends either), reading three (two and a half if you count ‘Becoming’ as only half left) books is something that would usually be a weekly goal for me. Unfortunately, having observed my excruciatingly slow pace while reading the first half of ‘Becoming’, I think that even being able to achieve this is gonna be a pretty big accomplishment for me.

I really wanna challenge myself and see if I can actually push my limits. As my YA TBR list just keeps on growing, I’ll have to turn a blind eye and focus on growing as a reader and out of my comfort zone. The only thing that I think will keep me going throughout the challenge is the prize at the end – I’ll dive into the Percy Jackson series once again. Nothing beats this series and the fact that Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are waiting for me at the end might just make this entire tedious process worthwhile…

The Percy Jackson series was one of the first book series that I ...

Do you have any suggestions?  Are there any books I should add to my list? Lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below! Once again, stay indoors and stay safe!

– Just Another Magical Soul


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