My Skincare Routine…? Hah!

Lemme just start with a spoiler…I don’t exactly have one!

As an eighteen year old girl in today’s world with all kinds of social media – Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube to name a few – it feels like the entire world is in my grasp. I can start by looking at content made in America, and with a few swipes and within a few seconds be looking at something made in Spain.

One kind of top trending videos that always seem to pop up on my recommendations, though, is the one based on skincare routines. There seems to be an unimaginable number of products out there focusing simply on the maintenance of one’s skin and I just can’t seem to keep up! One day, Product A is the best one out there to keep your skin hydrated and the next, there couldn’t be one better than Product B!

Why Choose Enriching Ur Skin | Skin

And let’s be honest, to a person who suffers from occasional break outs and acne (pretty sure everyone does during their teenage years), coming across a video in which a girl (with all smiles, might I add) uses a few products and manages to obtain a blemish free face, these videos are quite the catch. Especially the ones which use products easily available at home!

So now I’ve used quite a few products out there (including many chemicals, vegetables, and plants…) but I just don’t think I’m the kind of individual that can keep up. There are people out there who have entire routines dedicated to maintaining their skin – going up to hours even – but personally, even remembering to take off my minimalistic make up and wash my face with a cleanser before going to bed is a pretty big task for me, forget about applying 2 different kinds of face masks, a lip scrub, and some sort of hydrating gel.

Now that I think about it, it’s not even as if I don’t maintain a skincare routine because I don’t have the time to. I’m stuck in my house all day now for crying out loud and still don’t manage to find the willpower to go through even 4 of the 16 step Korean face routine that many of my friends absolutely swear by. I get the importance of keeping my face clean, and I’ll even throw on a clay or sheet mask every now and then with my younger sister or friends, but spending that much time on my skin of all things is probably not very high on my list of priorities.

With almost every individual I know trying to regularly follow the fanciest skincare routine out there, I often wonder if there’s something off with me. Like, if everyone finds such pleasure in striving towards baby soft skin shouldn’t I as well…? At least I won’t have to haul an entire bag stuffed with tubes filled with different kinds of scrubs, peel-off masks, gels, and lotions each time I travel in the future (hopefully soon). Instead, I’ll just have to carry a bottle of drugstore face-cleanser, a few make up remover wipes, my toothbrush, and I’ll be off!

– Just Another Magical Soul


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