A Trip To Greece? Canceled!

If you’re Indian, having innumerable cousins is a must. I mean, to the point that even if a stranger walked up to you and said “You know what? We’re cousins!” you wouldn’t be surprised. You’d just accept it. And tons of cousins mean tons of weddings. Instead of one big wedding a year, more like … Continue reading A Trip To Greece? Canceled!

10 Must Do’s On A Trip To BALI

So it’s been more than a year since I went to Bali on vacation and I think that this post is long overdue. I first wrote this post while I was going through that really long slump of mine and I guess that’s the reason why it never saw the light of day. Anyway, it’s … Continue reading 10 Must Do’s On A Trip To BALI


While some people enjoy spending their holidays at home under the blankets with their pets snuggled beside them, others can't stay in their homes for too long a time. I guess I fall under the second category then!