INME 2k16 (Part 2)

To read INME 2k16 (Part 1) click here.

It was finally happening – I was finally going to the winter camp with my friends! Yes, the no-snow situation did cause a little problem, but my friends and I decided to go for the camp anyway. Now, instead of skiing, we would be climbing a mountain.

As I sat on the plane to Delhi with my best friend, my mind filled itself with bizarre thoughts – what if I fell off the mountain, what if I didn’t like the other campers etc. etc. We finally reached Delhi and spotted our INME instructor. We made our way towards him, and discovered that a boy was with him already (the boy’d been on our flight). It turned out he wasn’t exactly very talkative, so we let him be.

We were taken to a food joint and there, we met another group of campers. We were told that as soon as we were done eating, we would board a 13-hour bus which would take us to Solang Nala (the place in which we would be staying). To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that fast in my entire life.

As the campers filled into the bus, we all took our seats. My best friend sat with one of her school friends, and a girl I was acquainted with from back home sat beside me – this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

The bus journey was one that I shall never forget. As the bus covered miles after miles, new friendships grew stronger. The shy boy from the plane was sitting exactly behind me with his best friend, and in less than an hour, we were hollering and laughing at each other (turns out he wasn’t that shy after all). My best friend was sitting across me. One glance at each other and we both knew we had the same thought – this was going to be one hell of a trip.

Around 1 AM, we made a stop at this motel on the freeway (dinner time!). We were actually running a few hours behind schedule, but no one really cared (thanks to the amazing company). I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did on that bus. Teenagers form all over he company were there, and each one of us had our own stories to tell.

Before we’d even reached the destination, all of us had become great buddies. We were all excited and terrified at the same time, and wondered what the next week held for us. As I looked around before getting off the bus, I remember feeling the pit in my stomach slowly dissolve – this flawless group of people was going to be my family for the next few days.


I know it took me wayyyyyy too much time to post the second part…I’m sorry? For some reason, I just wasn’t able to put my thoughts down. Anyway, the experience is nowhere near complete, so look forward to a Part 3! (Hopefully it won’t take as long as Part 2 did!)

To read INME 2k16 (Part 1) click here.


– Just Another Magical Soul


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