Quintessential Bookworm

“I devour books”. That’s all that I can say to put it in simple words. I literally live on them.

By the age of 8, I had completed the entire ‘Magic Tree House’ series (a series I recommend to all young readers) and had already started reading the Percy Jackson and  Harry Potter series. Though my friends read books like ‘The Secret Seven’ or ‘Malory Towers’, I was never really intersect in those kinda books.

Now, I am 15. I have long finished the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series (the Percy Jackson movies suck might I add?). For the past year and half, though, I’ve been reading my way through the Young Adult Contemporary section of the library.

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Around a year ago, my mother refused to let me buy anymore books. Why? Because there was simply NO more space to keep them! You were sure to be wonked on the head with a falling book if you opened any cupboard or drawer in my room.

That’s when I became a member of a library. In no less than a few months, I was done reading all the books that they had to offer in the YA category. Then started my obsession with my Kindle. For me, it was honestly the easiest thing to do – I could get a book within seconds with just a few clicks!

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This obsession continues till date (Yay!). There are many people who don’t understand me – to them I’m “crazy” for wasting my time over a book while I could simply watch its movie – but I’m absolutely fine by that. While my mother’s friends complain about how their children refuse to even touch a book, my mother, on the other hand, complains about how her daughter refuses to take her nose out of her book.

In short, I think that any one who knows me – REALLY knows me – knows exactly how much I love reading and has accepted me for who I am – a quintessential bookworm.


Just Another Magical Soul 

I plan on posting some excerpts from my favorite books or even some books reviews as well soon. So…hope you guys look forward to my upcoming posts! Also, I’d love to know which types of books YOU like reading and would like to try my hand at them as well!

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38 thoughts on “Quintessential Bookworm

  1. amethystmind25 says:

    I’ve LOVED reading ever since I was a kid. I read Percy Jackson few years ago and I must admit I was disappointed by their movie. When you come across excellent books, you expect more of the movie. Please do excerpts of your favorite books as you mentioned! I would love to see them.

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  2. Christina Creativity says:

    Oh my gosh I payed a $58.50 library fee yesterday and my mom payed for it with her credit card. Instead of me paying my mom back (these books were on my account and she payed) she wants me to do work. I’ll totally pay her 58 bucks, but not work for it 😊

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  3. Adventures of a New Floridian says:

    You are my hero! I’m not going to lie, I’ve HATED reading for most of my life. However, I just graduated college and I’m finally no longer FORCED to read anything I don’t want to! I’ve been picking up reading as a hobby and it has been AMAZING! I finally understand why people love reading! If you having read it already the YA book The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin is my current favorite!

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  4. Shreya Vohra says:

    Relatable af!
    I remember once there was some discussion going on in my class (grade 12) and my teacher asked me ‘who is your best friend?’ And I was like ‘ma’am books’. To be honest, I was just being genuine! It is true! Books have always been there for me. But my teacher just gave me a weird look and said ‘no that’s not true.’
    I replied ‘no ma’am, really!’ But she just laughed at me like I was insane.
    So yeah, things like that happen all the time.

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  5. cherylbalcom says:

    Oh honey, the library is the way to go! All the books you can read for FREE? Yes, please! And although I will always prefer a hard copy paper book to an e-reader, I’m glad they make books even more easy to dive into. You have a nice blog here, keep reading! 😊

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