Book Review | Meet Me At Midnight by Jessica Pennington

I was looking for a light read when I picked this book up and I’m actually quite surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it. This book left me with nothing but warm and fuzzy feels.

Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington

This book is basically one which is about nemeses which fall in love. Sidney plans out everything and is the daughter everyone wishes for – focused, well-behaved, and an amazing swimmer. However, as soon as summer rolls by each year, all her wickedness comes out to torment the boy who she can’t stand, but must live next to for 2 whole months. Asher is funny, fun to hang around with, am amazing swimmer as well, and absolutely amazing at pranking people (more specifically Sidney) throughout the summer. What started years ago has now become sort of a tradition – prank each other as many times as possible, that too in the worst way. However, when their landlord kicks out their families from their summer homes which forces them to move into a single house together, they call a cease-fire and decide to join forces against their common enemy – Nadine the landlord. This truce gives birth to a friendship, makes them think back to the first summer they spent together, and question what exactly went wrong.

This book was hilarious. I loved how both the protagonists, Sidney and Asher, continuously came up with unique ways to rank each other. I was surprised they didn’t strangle each other the first night that they had to share under the same roof! As mentioned before, this read was a light one and I found myself laughing along with the characters and flipping rapidly through the pages to find out what happens next in their complicated relationship.

Different from the last few book I read, We Are The Wildcats (click here to read my  review) this book actually took place over a span of around 3 months and that was something I appreciated. I guess I like this kind of spread out narration more than the short one.

I really enjoyed the character development of Sid and Ash as well. They were both distinctly different but still managed to overcome their differences and find common ground. I was quite intrigued in the beginning of the book and wanted to find out what exactly had been the cause for the beginning of their pranks. I was given the answer as I came to the end of the book and though the reason felt a little trivial, I get the emotions that 14 year old Sidney must’ve felt.

The quirky comebacks that both the characters always seemed to have made my grin throughout the novel. One line that I think I will always associate this novel with is “How much do you hate me right now?”

If you’re looking for a light summer read, look no further and pick this book immediately!

– Just Another Magical Soul


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